But female masturbation is another thing . On our first try, I slowly built it up to about half speed over about 3 minutes. Both pieces are well padded and covered with black, soft vinyl. We have a great sex life but I have NEVER seen her have such an intense orgasm.

Uses detachable rubber parts that can be thrown into the sink and washed thoroughly after each use

You can get pretty much any combination of the three or just one (or two) depending on which attachment you use and how you use the controller.

And for us men ? Watching is enough to get you hard and with a few strokes you will be joining the girls in the videos with a great orgasm .

Also, it is a great way for her to get intense clitoral stimulation while receiving anal sex.

Many women do not have the opportunity to realize their full sexual capacity. Most are shaped to penetrate the vagina with everything from as big as your finger to gargantuan. Detachable 8' power cord plugs into a fused inlet for your convenience and protection.

The main unit also has the control box connected to it with a 3' cable so you can sit back and control it while she is on it or she can control it. They don't "give" as much and therefore you might need to use one that is a little smaller than you are used to.

One is just a soft cover (like the insertion part was cut off).
Housing will withstand over 1000 pounds of weight. The Jumbo "cover" is just plain huge. The Vaginal Insert rotates within the vagina and the entire area which contacts the vulva vibrates, as does the vaginal insert.

A provocative development for the sensually adventurous. We ship around the world. The quality of workmanship, "fit and finish" of the product was about as good as you could get. Some attachments are smooth where they contact the clitoris and some have raised, soft rubber "nubs".

There is a double penetration insert which is pretty much how you would imagine it. As you become accustomed to the controls, you will learn what feels best for your partner and you can start getting creative. The Sybian:

Women need a lot more to help them orgasm . It is mountable and can continue stimulation indefinitely.
On the top is a small "receiver" that you place attachments on and just in front of that is a raised area that provides clitoral stimulation. Both the On/Off switches and the speed control knobs are on the end of a 3' cable for your convenience. 13.25" wide, 12.5" long, 8.5" to top of padded cover and 10" to top overall. With Sybian's completely controllable stimulation, from gentle to intense, it is now possible to develop your orgasmic potential. You need to use a little lube on the inside of these to get these on as they are a tight fit. Everything was well constructed, heavy and solid.

This can be used for just clitoral stimulation and leaves her open for either another toy or you from behind. The height of the unit is great for doggy-style with this attachment.
You can see tons of videos of females riding a Sybian and having mind blowing multiple orgasms . Any attachment that is designed to penetrate can be attached to the main unit with either a stiff spring that offers some "give" or a stiff plastic rod that does not flex. Clitoral stimulation is probably the most intense of any device we have ever used, if you want it to be. No allergic reactions have been reported to date.

Separate controls allow independent regulation of vibration and rotation over a wide range of speeds. It is about 14" square and the top is rounded off (looks kind of like a "Quonset hut"). This one is doable, eventually. It seems sturdy enough that you might want to leave it in your will to someone.

For the most part, though, male masturbation is simple . The attachments also cover the clitoral stimulation part of the main unit. Unlike any other sexual device you may have seen, Sybian approximates the male form. Again, this is where the quality of components comes in. S noted how smoothly the speed range changed which just intensified her orgasms. It provides varied stimulation and maximum pleasure. A lifetime of pleasure without problems. Weighs 22 pounds with convenient finger grips to carry and move easily.
Two high-quality motors independently control the rotation and vibration. That is a lot of fun. Sexual response and orgasms are learned behavior. It could be the first "heirloom" sex device.

Whenever you want pleasure and for as long as you desire, Sybian is there.
The rotation control also provides some vaginal opening stimulation with the dildo shaped attachments but we found if that she was in the mood for that, she just rode it up and down while varying the vibration (S claims this is like her being on top and me having a pocket rocket on my pelvic boneā€¦..VERY intense).

This is where you will need to try both the spring and rod inserts to see what she likes best. We were wondering about this at first but it comes in quite handy. I thought the neighbors were going to call the police and the windows of the house were going to shatter. Also, the material of the "covers" is a little more firm than the other attachments. Intensifies
The Sybian is a sex machine that women sit on and have the most intense orgasms of their lives .